Organizing Documents and Information for Estate Planning in Ohio

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While most people imagine their death bed when they consider estate planning, in reality, it is about having control over your assets and property during your lifetime and after you pass away. An important aspect of having complete control is the proper organization of related information and documents. By keeping legal documents, bank statements, receipts,… Read more »

Common Legal Disputes Small Businesses Face in Ohio

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Operating a business requires maintaining pristine relationships with stakeholders, and is as important as selling your products and services to profit. Interactions with everyone, from vendors and customers to employees, contribute to your business’s success. However, there are situations that give rise to different types of disputes. While both parties may come up with a… Read more »

Understanding Fiduciary Duties in a General Partnership in Ohio

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Entrepreneurs and business owners enter a partnership because of the convenience and benefits it offers in running the business. When you form a partnership, you and your partner(s) owe several types of fiduciary duties to each other, ensuring honesty and good faith in transacting partnership business. This establishes a legal and ethical relationship between you… Read more »

Why Would I Need a Trust?

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The following is a list of questions to help determine if a Trust would be an effective tool to accomplish the desired objective. This list is not exhaustive. Trusts can be created for a variety of other purposes. In order to determine if a trust is indicated for you and your particular concern, contact the… Read more »

Activities of Daily Living: A Brief Discussion

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An “Activity of Daily Living” (“ADL”) is a basic activity which an individual needs to be able to perform in order to live independently. There are various lists of these, but they are all short. There is general agreement that ADLs are concerned with personal hygiene, dressing, eating, maintaining continence, and “transferring.” Very often the… Read more »