Planning for Your Loved Ones’ Futures in Mineral Ridge, Ohio

Most Americans seem to think that the only legal document that determines how possessions are distributed after your passing is a will. However, they do not understand the other forms of legal documents that they need to have in place to protect their loved ones’ futures. You need to consider at least three things: estate planning, probate law, and a will.

Estate planning determines how many facets of your net worth will be distributed to your loved ones after you pass. Essentially, it arranges for your assets to be transferred to loved ones after your passing.
A will, on the other hand, has the ability to name individuals to oversee your estate after your passing and can include terms regarding guardianship or custody as well as final wishes. Though related to estate planning and a will, probate is the actual legal document that validates your will. If you lack expert legal knowledge of these concepts, you absolutely need to find a legal expert to protect your loved ones and your estate after you pass.

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Though we protect the interests of our clients with estate planning considerations, we also practice business law and can protect you in the following areas:

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