Intestacy Law in Girard, Ohio

If you haven’t already created legally binding documents to distribute your property to your loved ones after you pass, you need to consider intestacy laws in Ohio. Passing without a will, probate, or estate planning measures in place leaves your wealth, estate, and possessions subject to intestacy law. Essentially, intestate law is really a fallback option created so that your possessions are legally divided among your children, loved ones, and dependents if you lack a will. But do you really want the state to determine where your assets go after you pass? You are far better off specifying in great detail who will receive varying portions of your estate by working with an experienced attorney. The state won’t have an understanding of your family’s needs and conditions, and this lack of understanding can create adverse consequences for your loved ones.

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The Law Office of John C. Grundy can help you iron out the details of your will and probate, but we also offer services regarding business law. We protect our clients with the following legal services:

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