Estate planning can at times seem like a formidable challenge. We even tend to see estate law in a less than favorable light because of common stereotypes. However, with proper planning, the law can help to protect you. There is so much to consider, it can be difficult just getting started. If you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and relax. The guidance of an experienced Niles Estate Planning lawyer can simplify the process and cause you future headaches. John C. Grundy is here to protect and serve you and your loved ones by facilitating the planning of your estate.

Important Considerations when hiring an Attorney

A common misconception with estate planning is that an individual’s tangible property (i.e. home, vehicle, land, etc.) is the only property to make arrangements for. However, there is much, much more to consider. Essentially, the goal is to decide how all of your assets are transferred and to minimize losses due to taxes.

Additional points of consideration include your business, insurance, retirement, and even instructions describing what actions will be taken should you lack the capacity to make rational decisions due to disability. Having an experienced attorney is extremely important when working on your estate and our law firm will help you cross your t’s and dot your i’s so you can be absolutely certain you are in good hands.

Schedule a Consultation with a Niles Estate Planning Attorney

The law is dynamic and can be very complex. We believe it is important that you hire an estate planning attorney that is local because laws can change from area to area. Our Cortland office location is a short drive from Niles, Ohio. You can contact us at 330-637-9030 for a consultation, directions from the Niles area as well as a map are included below.

-Head east toward N. Main St. (69 ft)

-Continue onto Robbins Ave (0.3 mi)

-Turn left onto Vienna Ave (1.0 mi)

-Continue onto OH-46 N/Niles Cortland Rd (2.6 mi)

-Turn left to merge onto OH-82 W (3.7 mi)

-Take the OH-5 E/Elm Rd exit toward Cortland (0.2 mi)

-Turn right onto OH-5 E/Elm Rd (3.8 mi)

-Turn right on OH-46 S/Niles Cortland Rd NE (0.6 mi)

-Our office will be on the right!

-Take the OH-5 E/Elm Rd exit toward Cortland

-Turn right on OH-5 E/Elm Rd

-Turn left onto S. High St./Mecca St.

-Turn right onto S. High St.