The Law Office of John C. Grundy can assist you with the complicated rules and regulations of the legal and tax filings needed to form a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, Non for Profit Corporation, or other Legal Entity.

We Prepare your basic Minute Book with will include stock certification, by-laws, operating agreements, minutes, resolutions, stock ledgers, memorandum or recording, and authenticity of records. Moreover, John C. Grundy is well versed in choosing the best tax entity for your business. If you are in the Real Estate business perhaps a Limited Liability Company or Partnership is best for your needs. If you are a consultant in the manufacturing business or are in a professional service business a ā€œCā€ Corporation or Subchapter ā€œSā€ Corporation might be best for your particular situation. Tax entity decisions are critical and can save you thousands of dollars annually.

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The Firm handles Business Formation clients throughout Trumbull, Mahoning, Columbiana, Portage, and Summit Counties and John C. Grundy has the experience and knowledge to assist with all of your business needs. Contact The Law Office today at 330-697-9030 for a case evaluation.