Crucial Estate Planning Considerations in Champion Heights, Ohio

The vast majority of Americans lack even the most basic estate planning legal documents, according to a recent survey performed by Harris Interactive. A shocking 55% of Americans lack documentation to transfer any amount of their estate to their loved ones after they pass, and 67% have failed to create a living will in the event that they become incapacitated. Unfortunately, if you pass or become incapacitated without the right legal documentation, your loved ones won’t inherently have rights to your property or finances. Estate planning is the simplest way you can ensure that your property isn’t subject to state law after your passing. We understand how important our clients’ families are, and we will help you take every measure to ensure a bright future for your loved ones.

Practice Areas

Our deep understanding of estate planning, will, and probate law can protect the futures of your loved ones, but we also offer business law services. We have helped countless clients secure their futures in the following areas:

Finding an Attorney You Can Trust in Champion Heights, Ohio

Whether you need estate planning services or a trustworthy and reputable business law attorney, The Law Office of John C. Grundy will ensure that you are protected. We have been serving the Champion Heights, Ohio area for over 25 years. For an initial no-hassle consultation, call us at 330.637.9030 today.