Differences in Estate Planning VS. Legacy Planning

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Thinking about our future is human nature. For when we pass on, we particularly want to look out for our families and children. Estate planning and legacy planning are two different ways for you to think about and securing a future for your family. Here are some of the most important differences between estate and… Read more »

Business Law: Non-Compete Agreements for Employees

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When you are in a business, several agreements and contracts shape how you operate. These contracts and agreements define relationships with your employees, third-party suppliers and other stakeholders. One such contract is a non-compete agreement, a commonly used contract that prohibits employees and other stakeholders from joining rival firms or starting a business venture similar… Read more »

Estate Planning Basics for Single Parents

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Estate planning is an important aspect that must be addressed by every parent. In the case of a single parent, it becomes more important because the child of a single parent does not have another parent to rely on. In case of a single parent’s untimely death, children need to know they will be taken… Read more »

Wills—Who Needs ‘Em?

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“What an awful thing to think about—death, and what happens after I die!” Because of this many people, maybe most, put off making a Will. The fact is that if a person does not make a Will, the state in which that person resides makes a Will for him/her. Often, it is not the Will… Read more »

Business Law: Background Checks

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Background checks are an integral part of the hiring process which allows employers to verify that the information provided by their potential employees is correct and enables them to learn about their credit and criminal records. Here are some important points that an employer should keep in their mind. Consent for Background Check United States… Read more »

4 Things to Consider Adding to An Estate Plan

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Estate planning may not be one of the most enjoyable experiences of one’s life. For some, it might remind them of their mortality, while for others it may simply be a boring exercise to set their finances and legal affairs in order. Here are the four important things that you should consider including your estate… Read more »

Business Law: 3 Essential Contracts to Know About

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A written contract is a legal document that helps a business to set forth terms and conditions with the other party/parties. Contracts are legally enforceable in a court of law and serve as a tool for companies to safeguard their resources. Here are 3 essential contracts every business must have at their disposal. Commercial Contract… Read more »

Estate Planning: Tips to Avoid Dispute

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Estate planning is an important aspect of one’s life that must not be left unattended. Estate planning refers to the preparation of tasks that may help to manage an individual’s estate in the event of – perish the thought – their incapacitation or death. This involves inheritance of asset to heirs and settlement of estate… Read more »

Business Law for Entrepreneurs: Essential Things to Know

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Starting a new business can be an extremely exciting and exhilarating experience for a young entrepreneur. However, in many instances their enthusiasm and eagerness causes them to neglect a few basic steps pertaining to law and regulations that are applicable to their new venture. Here are some essential things that you must keep in your… Read more »