Estate Planning and the Common Law Marriage in Ohio

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  It’s a scenario that’s become increasingly common around the country: A man and woman who’ve been dating for awhile decide to move in together. They share a household, routinely celebrate holidays with one another’s family, and may have purchased a car or other property together.   In other words, their relationship has taken on… Read more »

Steps for Successful Business Succession Planning

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  Small businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors make up the majority of our country’s economy. There are almost 28 million registered small businesses in the United States, and they have generated over 65 percent of the net new jobs since 1995. People put years of their lives into growing their businesses, but only a small fraction… Read more »

Federal Government Raises Limit on Tax-Free Lifetime Gifts

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  Announced recently, the Internal Revenue Service raised the limit on tax-free transfers during life or at death. Starting in 2015, the limit, known also as the basic exclusion, will increase from $5.34 million this year to $5.43 million next year. However, the IRS also stated in the same announcement that the annual giving exclusion… Read more »

Business Formation in Aurora

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If you are an entrepreneur in Aurora with an idea for a small businesses or an experienced business owner looking to set up a new entity, one of the first steps is business formation. As part of the business formation process, you must choose which type of legal business entity your new business will be…. Read more »