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Whether you own a small or a large business, you can benefit from hiring a business law attorney. A professional and qualified business law attorney can handle all the legal predicaments involved in business formation, operation, and transaction. The help of a legal professional will ensure that you don’t get entangled in legal matters that prevents potential growth of your business.

How exactly an attorney specializing in business law can help you will depend on the situation. Some of the situations in which getting the assistance of a legal attorney will help you include:

  •   You are planning to purchase a new business, and want to minimize legal complications involved;
  •   You intend to invest in the partnership or LLC business;
  •   You want to avoid environmental litigation from impacting your business;
  •   You decide to change the form your business e.g. sole partnership to Limited Liability Company;
  •   You want to defend case in court regarding lawsuit brought about by employees, customers, venders, or others.

Generally, the costs involved in getting help of a qualified business attorney is far less as compared to the potential harm to your business in case the above events are not handled professionally. You should not take chances and get help of a business lawyer whenever making business decisions.

Apart from the above common business cases, there are other situations when getting the help of a qualified business attorney is recommended. These include:

  •   Filing a reservation of a name or trademark of the business,
  •   Drafting a shareholder’s or partnership contract or operating arrangements relating to LLC,
  •   Applying for permits and licenses required under the law,
  •   Carrying out mergers and acquisitions.

Note that the not all attorneys are competent in handling business cases. You must ensure that the attorney has the required experience and training in business law. Hiring an inexperienced lawyer for handling business cases is a risk as it could create bigger problems for your business.

That is why it’s essential that you conduct thorough research before hiring an attorney for your business. See to it that the attorney has taken on cases related to business. Also, you may consider contacting a lawyer who is fully aware of laws relevant to your state relating to business transactions. The lawyer should be aware of the “The Uniform Commercial Code” that relates to general provisions, leases, sales, negotiable instruments and other legal business matters. Knowledge of relevant state rules relating to business transaction can ensure that your business stays out of legal meters sand disputes.

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