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When you are in a business, several agreements and contracts shape how you operate. These contracts and agreements define relationships with your employees, third-party suppliers and other stakeholders. One such contract is a non-compete agreement, a commonly used contract that prohibits employees and other stakeholders from joining rival firms or starting a business venture similar to the ones they have worked for.

Non-Compete Agreement for Employees

The non-compete agreement simply means that employees who quit their current employer are not allowed to work with directly competing businesses in the same industry. The penalty for violating a non-compete agreement might lead to the employer getting a court order, which prohibits the ex-employee from becoming an employee of the rival firm. A monetary award might follow the court order prohibiting employment with a competitor.

Ohio Non-Compete Agreements Must Follow Strict Rules

Under Ohio law, a non-compete agreement is not favored and will be stricken by a Court unless it meets strict requirements. These requirements have to do with the geographic territory covered by the non-compete agreement, and with the time after employment terminates in which the employee is prohibited from seeking employment with a competitor. These requirements are beyond the scope of this article. For more information, you should consult a business lawyer familiar with these rules.

The Grundy Law Firm has been advising business clients on non-compete agreements and other matters related to operating a successful business since 1994. It is essential for employers to have an experienced business lawyer to take a detailed look at non-compete agreements, and other agreements used by businesses in their relationships with employees, vendors, suppliers, customers, and others. The lawyer will ensure your business contracts comply with Ohio law.

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